WakeUP: "Start with why, before you start with what"

WakeUP works to cultivate and empower student leadership by uniting students in the community through service and advocacy. This series highlights the student voices within WakeUP.
Thursday, March 3, 2016

My life is full of quotations. Here's one of them. “Start with why before you start with what.”

What is my name? I told you I'm starting with why first. Why? I want to be this because I want to unite communities, states, countries, possibly the world. I want to be this because I want to inspire people. I want them to look at me as a role model, somebody they can look up to, just like I have looked up to many people in my life which starts out with my mom, dad, my coaches, and teachers. And going out into a larger scale, I have been inspired by people like the great MLK Jr. and Mr JC, a rapper that is from my native country (Honduras) who reached fame and popularity with community issue related topics, such as immigration, in his songs.

Immigration is a debatable topic, but I believe it is what makes this country rich in culture and traditions. That's why we are a Salad Bowl. Immigration also is practically the labor force here in the United States and helps support the economy. If not, tell me that the fruits or vegetables you have at home aren't probably harvested by a Latino, or the nice looking flowers and trees throughout the city aren't taken care of by an immigrant, or a burger you eat from McDonalds is probably being cooked and prepared by a Hispanic. The building you are currently in or the house you live in was probably constructed by an Illegal.

And once again, why am I speaking about this? Because I want to unite people of all kinds of nationalities, races, ethnicities, religions, sexuality just as MLK Jr. once did. I want to let everybody know that Immigrants are important to our country. And as Mr. JC said in his most popular video, viewed over by 300 thousand people, “We are not criminals, the only bad thing is that we are illegal, but under God’s eyes we are all equal.” Do you know where I'm trying to get with this?

Now I can tell you what my name is and what I want to be…My name is Norlin Ochoa, and I want to be a leader!