Life in Charlotte

Life in Charlotte


Charlotte’s unique character is undeniable. Our city’s distinct mix of neighborhood charm in a rapidly growing metropolis provides an exciting yet welcoming atmosphere. A city that reflects upon its past while looking toward the future, Charlotte is one of the fasting growing cities in the country. In just a decade, our population has increased 37 percent. Charlotte is the proud home of minor league teams, both NFL and NBA teams, a flourishing arts district, banking and financial headquarters, a growing brewery and festival scene and buzzing startup environment, just to name a few.

Explore the City


From gallery crawls to food festivals to the U.S. National Whitewater Center and greenways, there is always something to do in Charlotte. Check out some of our favorite sites to learn more about this city we love to explore:

Why Choose Charlotte?

Alyssa Sharpe
Charlotte 2009
Now is a great time to choose Charlotte because the city is in this great phase of developing its identity. I am able to make my mark in this town while continually being positively shaped by the people and places here.
Sharika Comfort
Charlotte 2012
Charlotte has the features and attractions of a big city without all of the hassles and half the costs. No matter your interests, ambitions, or background, Charlotte has a space for you and the people will make you feel at home.
Robert Willam Harriss
Charlotte 2016
Charlotte is the culmination of so many things for me: culture, energy, freedom, and fun. As a young, dynamic place, Charlotte has given me a social and professional atmosphere that I could have never dreamed of.