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The Fellowship's Purpose

In order to achieve the vision of One Day in Charlotte - that all students, regardless of the school they attend or the neighborhood they live in, will receive an excellent education - we need more educators, specifically our corps members, serving in classrooms, schools, and in education for longer than their two years. The purpose of the fellowship is to maximize our alumni base as a force for change in the local education system, while ensuring that our alumni have opportunities to develop their skillsets as effective educational leaders.

The Fellowship's Structure

Each fellow must continue teaching fulltime in a Charlotte TFA placement school. After initial acceptance into the fellowship (year 1), each fellow will have the option of reenrolling into the fellowship each year. In year three of the fellowship, fellows may choose to continue teaching, or transitioning into an education position focused on PK-12 education in Charlotte.


Values-Based Coaching is: 

  • Strategically oriented to best practices

  • Individualized

  • Holisitc

  • Frequent coaching cycle: pre-visit > class visit > debrief > collaborate

  • Differentiated

  • Teacher-led

  • Reflective of actions & inactions

Development Sessions are:

Each Fellow will have the opportunity to self- select into four PD sessions for the year based on their interests and needs. All fellows are required to take at least one session in each category:

FUTURE PD Sessions designed to build each fellow’s leadership capacity in areas such as “Building Your Professional Network,” “Co-Active Coaching,” and “DecisionMaking.”

PRESENT As teachers, the Fellowship will offer courses that will enhance your ability to meet the needs of your diverse learners with Culturally Relevant Teaching.

PAST We will explore our local history and pay homage to the unsung trailblazers that paved the way in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools through our Speaker Series.

*Speaker Series will be open to the public. Fellows are only required to self-select into one, but may attend as a member of the community to all other remaining sessions.

The Fellowship's Application

Thank you for your interest in the Leroy "Pop" Miller Fellowship. The Spring 2017 application window is closed. Please come back next spring for the 2018 application.

Application Requirements:
Applicants should be 2nd year corps members or alumni teachers
Each fellow must continue teaching fulltime in a TFA-Charlotte eligible placement school.

If you have any questions about the application process, please email Tomiaka.Wingard@teachforamerica.org.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I participate in any other fellowships or outside opportunities as a current or aspiring LPM Fellow?
    Yes! Opportunities such as the Aspiring Leaders Program and TFA Summer Institute do not interfere with the programing of the LPM Fellowship. Therefore any fellow can take advantage of these opportunities, provided that he/she meets the eligibility requirements of each. 
  2. If accepted to the fellowship, when will my time in the fellowship start?
    Each cohort will start in the fall semester (September) of the school year. However, there are optional events that incoming fellows will be invited to attend after they are accepted during the spring and summer.
  3. Does the LPM Fellowship continue to offer a graduate scholarship to pay for a master’s degree in education?
    Unfortunately no, we no longer offer the graduate scholarship as an incentive with our new program structure.
  4. I am an alumni teacher that has completed the corps; will I have to start in “Year 1” of the fellowship?
    Yes, all applicants, both current and future alumni teachers, will start in year 1 of the fellowship in the given cohort year. (Please reference the LPM Fellowship Structure)
  5. When will I be eligible to participate in the paid internship, and what are the stipend amounts?
    Paid internships are available at the end of Year 2 (stipend of $3,500) and Year 3 (stipend of $4,500) of the fellowship.
  6. Am I required to teach 3 additional years while in the fellowship?
    The LPM Fellowship is designed to provide fellows the option to “annually reenroll” each year. In Years 1 and 2 of the fellowship, you are required to teach in an eligible TFA Placement School. However, in Year 3 of the fellowship, fellows have the option of pursuing mid-level leadership position, or continuing in the classroom.
  7. How can I apply, and what does this process require?
    Simply select the "Apply" tab to access the application! It just takes four easy steps:
    1. Create an account to access the application
    2. Complete the 4 Sections of the application (Demographics, Short Answer Questions, Career Alignment, and Recommendations). This should take a maximum on 1 hour!!
    3. Make sure to summit the names of 2 references in the application (and we will contact the reference for you)
    4. Then hit Submit!!!

Meet the Fellows

Spanish Teacher Ranson IB Middle School
Science Teacher Ranson IB Middle School
English Teacher Phillip O. Berry Academy of Technology
Social Studies Teacher Cochrane Collegiate Academy/iMeck Academy
Math Teacher Whitewater Middle School
First Grade Teacher Rama Road Elementary
Fifth Grade Teacher Reid Park Academy
Math Teacher Zebulon B. Vance High School
Math Teacher METS at Olympic High School
Third Grade Math Teacher Albemarle Road Elementary
Social Studies Teacher McClintock Middle School
History Teacher West Mecklenburg High School
Social Studies Teacher McClintock Middle School
Social Studies Teacher Ranson IB Middle School
Third Grade Teacher

Meet the Staff

Manager, Alumni Teacher Leadership and Development Teach For America
Director, Corps Member Retention & Innovation Teach For America